German Man Micha Stunz Gets 7-Pound Penis Enhancement with Silicone Injections

Penis size has actually been the root of men’s stress and anxiety throughout history, and the need to increase the size of penises to improve self-confidence still exists today. A guy in Germany who received silicone injections for a penis enlargement proves bigger isn’t always better. Micha Stunz, a 45-year-old from Berlin, shown Vice the heavy cost he has to pay for his 7-pound, 9-inch-long, and 3-inch-wide penis, which is nothing except amusing.


After you reach a particular size, you can’t do particular things any longer. At least not with everyone and not without some foreplay. There are other things you can do with it, Stunz informed Vice. You just have to free yourself from established functions and solidified concepts about sex and prepare to play.

Stunz’s desire to get a penis enhancement began Twenty Years back when he utilized a penis pump. He found when he went out pumped up, it was an excellent feeling. It felt great. … I had the sensation that I had not been caught in the body I was born with, but that I had the possibility to form it myself to change it.”.

This inspired him to try enlarging himself with saline injections, but he did not like that they would just temporarily change his groin area. So, Stunz counted on silicone injections as an irreversible option for expanding his penis and scrotum. These injections might lead to an infection and leave Stunz mutilated.

In a 2012 report released in the journal Urology Annals, researchers described 5 cases where clients who got penis improvements via liquid silicone injections suffered debilitating impacts. A case study with a 44-year-old professional discovered a silicone injection by a conventional medicine specialist for impotence left swelling over the injected site. Refer this website for more details :


Stunz, who has actually had silicone injected into both his penis and scrotum, currently has four treatments behind him. It’s not clear whether he will look for more in the future, however he recalled the sensations being more enjoyable than unpleasant. In the beginning, the silicone feels foreign, however gradually it feels a growing number of like part of your body, he said.

Aside from urinating sitting down on a toilet, having a hard time to purchase a brand-new pair of trousers, or make love, he leads a typical life, he says, purchasing groceries, going to bars, clubs, the movies, and going to chains celebrations.

See Vice’s documentary for more information about Stunz’s life with a 7-pound penis above.

5 reasons to avoid penis augmentation surgical treatment!

Many men desire bigger penises.

To them, the size of their manhood is directly proportional to how they will please their women and get appreciated as a result.


So they feel inferior, weak, and inadequate over their little penises triggering performance concerns for themselves.

Surprisingly, a current Pulse Poll among readers showed that more women are more worried by how their male’s penis looks like than how big, thick, long or enormous it is.

Numerous women have actually also stated they prefer a male to be proficient at using his penis that to just have a big member and be a newbie.

Well, if that is not enough to encourage any male, perhaps we should take a look at what the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) says about penis enhancement surgeries.

Here we go:

You may still feel unsatisfied even after surgery

You could lose sexual function after surgical treatment.

Your penis might look various because of the surgery scars and fatty deposits

Your partner may not have the ability to accommodate your new penis

You might ultimately become a risk by making intercourse unpleasant for your women


You can hurt your woman internally i.e., if the penis is long, it can strike her cervix and hurt her

Your brand-new penis may suggest absolutely nothing if you are unskilled

Do you still need a bigger penis?

If yes, all the best.

Cosmetic surgeons reveal typical penis size and how to improve your sex life

Dr. Roberto Viel and Dr. Maurizio have a rather unusual family company they co-own cosmetic surgery clinics specializing in penis enhancement.

As carrying out thousands of penoplasty operations, the Viel bros have actually finished numerous treatments on one another to enhance their resemblance, consisting of nose jobs and Botox.


But the toned brothers insist they don’t require any help listed below the belt. The twins, whose practices are in London and Dubai, get men of all shapes and sizes coming to them for help in the trouser department.

Some suffer with a rare micro-penis condition, which suggests the penis does not develop appropriately.

The condition, which is present in 0.6% of males, implies the erect penile length is less than 7cm.

“I’ve seen it a few times however seldom,” said Dr. Roberto. “Some are just 3 or four centimeters long.”

However, the brothers say that the majority of individuals that go under the knife to enhance their length or girth are typical or simply listed below average which may be smaller sized than you think.

“The average size has to do with 8cm in length when flaccid and about 12cm when erect, the typical circumference is 7 -8 cm when drooping,” he stated.


“A lot of guys with this kind of size don t feel adequate enough, so they request for something more.”

“I see men that are slightly larger too, who individuals might not think require the aid however I appreciate the desires of the patient,” he included.

Dr. Roberto, who has actually carried out roughly 3,000 penis enhancements since 1991, insists it’s a great way to boost confidence and can considerably enhance sex.

“Of course enhanced girth can enhance sex and makes the male feel better about himself,” he said.

“There are cases when they need to have something bigger for sex because their partner may have had a couple of natural births so the vaginal area has actually been extended.”

“In this case, the partner will feel less. Increasing the girth will help the sex life because the penis will be larger when set up so the partner will feel more of the male organ,” he included.

The procedure is said to substantially boost penile size, both length and width, without effecting sexual performance or sensitivity.

It’s done under sedation, not a basic anesthetic so patients can go home the exact same day. To increase the length, an incision is made above the base of the penis.

By partly severing it, they can make the penis drop and hang lower by as much as two inches.

At the same time the patient’s own fat is picked up from one part of the body and inserted into the penis to increase the girth.

Dr. Roberto exposes that he often needs to limit people’s expectations, as the penis can just be increased by 1-2 inches and the length when erect can’t be changed.

He firmly insists that many guys just desire to feel more positive on the beach, in common showers or in the lead up to sex.

He said: “Basically they want to have something larger because they want to feel more positive, prior to and after making love.

“Most of the patient’s state sex is great. I have guys who say I want to reveal something larger, I want to feel more confident when I’m in the gym, when I go to the toilet, the club.

“Men wish to expose and reveal that they have a good sized penis when flaccid.”